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Your Why: What’s Your Mission Statement?

Your Why: What’s Your Mission Statement

What do the words, “my reason for being on this earth” mean to you? What do they mean about how you view yourself? How would you apply these words to other areas of your life besides work? When you are on your deathbed, what will these words mean to you?

How would you define the mission of every person in your life? What about the person who lives next door or across the street, or perhaps someone at work who irritates you? What is their mission statement and how does yours compare? How can they enhance each other’s mission statements?

Your mission statement for yourself has already been written. It’s inside of you. It may even be present in one or more places throughout your work life, but unless it’s relatively clear and cohesive, it will have no impact on where you go from here.

Your mission statement must resonate from within you and touch every part of your life to be effective as a guidepost, as a motivator, and as a resource to develop future decisions. It is an extension of who you are – it is your personal “brand” – it defines what makes you tick – how others see you – and why they should want to know more about what makes YOU different from anyone else on this planet.

What do the words “my reason for being on this earth” mean?

Maybe it’s a calling – a compulsion – to use your abilities and passion for a larger purpose than just making money. It means to express your creativity through social media as a marketing tool for business, but also as a medium to inspire others to go after their dreams, not only in the world of online businesses, but other areas as well, such as life coaching.

What does your calling mean about how you view yourself? What does it say about who you are as a person? How would you apply those words to other areas of your life besides work? What do these words look like, from this point forward, if you could define them today?

Your mission statement or what is also commonly referred to as your “why” is what holds your feet to the fire when times get hard. When you start something new like a job or a business venture and everything from your friends to your family, coworkers are discouraging you to pursue it, your Why is what keeps you on track regardless of all the voices around you. It’s your driving force.

Take some time now to sit down and write out your Mission statement in life and then let us help you map out a road plan to achieve your dreams through our community resources and mentorship programs.

Areas of Review


Big picture takeaway points

  1. Define your mission statement.
  2. How will your mission statement affect the lives of those around you?
  3. When you are gone what legacy do you want to leave behind?


Self-reflection questions to think more about the content

  1. When I am tired and worn out what is going to keep me going?
  2. I have written down my mission statement and read it every day.
  3. Do my friends know my mission statement and are ready to back me up?

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