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Important Things to Consider when Renovating a Home.

Important Things to Consider when Renovating a Home.

Smart strategies during a home remodel...first, come up with a budget of what you want to spend. Several questions need to be answered, do you plan to do the work yourself? Do you plan on living in your house while it is being remodeled? If using a contractor, have you vetted them to make sure they have an excellent reputation of accomplishment?

Make sure you come up with a timeline that works for you and make sure the contractor can fulfil that if they’re doing the work. The whole point of doing a remodel is to give your house on the outside, what is referred to as street appeal. Often landscaping, pressure washing sidewalks and driveways, and painting the outside trim will greatly improve the street appeal of the house you’re trying to accentuate. If tree branches are too low or the bushes are too high, they need to be pruned back so you get a great view of the house.

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On the inside it’s important to upgrade the flooring. That may include getting rid of all the carpet and replacing it with better looking floor coverings, which are available from numerous sources whether that is composite or actual ceramic tile. Often the options people have are cheaper than going with carpet and look much better and last longer. Upgrade the wall switches, which is very inexpensive to do, and you may want to use the large domino sized light switches. Upgrade and replace the wall plugs including GFI’s, Ground Fault Interrupts.

Don’t paint the interior walls of the house some outlandish color. Try to go with the lighter colors as it makes small rooms look bigger and it also makes things look cleaner. Many people want to rip out the cabinets when they’re redoing their kitchens, however you can paint cabinets by using a white paint with an opposing color. Light gray on the bottom cabinets makes the whole kitchen look amazing. You can replace the cabinet pulls with something that’s more modern. If the sink or other plumbing fixtures in the house are outdated replace all of them. Replace the bathtub with maybe a walk-in shower, a toilet can be replaced brand new for approximately $100, not including the labor.

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Some older homes have popcorn ceilings, which are easily removed by getting a small pump sprayer and a scraper. Once removed a manual system called knock down can be put on the ceiling which is a more modernized look, or you can smooth coat it which also modernizes the look. If a house has window units, they should be replaced with a system called a split or central heat and air. In most older homes the ceilings are usually 8 feet with a lot of divides in the rooms. If the walls are not engineered supporting walls, they can be removed to give a more open free flow in the house and make a smaller house actually look larger.

The whole point of a remodel is if you’re going to live in it as a homeowner, it makes the house feel more enjoyable. If you’re going to flip the house and sell it, you want your house to look better than anything in the neighborhood. Try to do as many things as you possibly can that are not expensive to do, putting shelves in the garage or storage is a smart thing to do with doors on the front to hide the clutter. Paint stores sell concrete paint and that’s excellent for painting the floor of the garage but make sure the garage floor has been washed with acid so the paint will adhere to it.

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The backyard also needs to be a focal point of a remodel. Whether that’s landscaping or putting in pavers to make the backyard functional for lifestyle and entertainment. There are low voltage Italian lighting systems, the bulbs are using low wattage electricity and they are in a string of 25 to 50 bulbs. They can be hung in the backyard to give your entire yard an amazing look.

Fire pits in the backyard also give a lot of ambiance. Whether they’re actually wood-burning, which are restricted in some areas, natural gas, or propane.

The bottom line, stay in your budget, and pick reputable people to do the work that you’re not planning to do yourself. If you’re not really good at something get a professional to do the work. There’s an old adage and it is very true, time is money! Happy remodeling!!!

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Big picture takeaway points

  1. Remodels are not what they look like on TV.
  2. A contractor that is not vetted can be the biggest mistake on a remodel.
  3. Remember time is money.


Self-reflection questions to think more about the content

  1. What am I looking to accomplish, and have I written it down?
  2. Have I planned for the unexpected?
  3. Do I have power team members in place to help with renovations?

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