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Fear of Success

Fear of Success

Fear of success can be a real and pervasive thing that stands in the way of our happiness and fulfillment. When we suffer from fear of success, we self-sabotage and turn away from opportunities that might offer us rewarding experiences. If we truly want to find our way to that golden future, we must learn to turn away from this fear and learn how to plant ourselves in the environments in which we can bloom.

We must let go of the fear of being wrong, to let go of the fear of getting it right. Searching into the base of our insecurities and revealing who we are and what we want we can truly unlock the opportunities we need to achieve our goals and dreams.

The deep insecurities that plague us can make it extremely scary to “Hit It Big” so to speak, or even feel worthy of having what you want in life. There are several reasons that can make us afraid of succeeding. Let’s talk about a few that might hit home to you.

Playing the victim: We have played the victim for so long we don’t know how to play the hero. How do we do that when it has turned into a personality so to speak?

Childhood experiences: There could be one experience that has led us to think we are undeserving. Just takes one time to truly believe something in yourself and make it a personality trait.

The Unknown: Or what if being successful will turn us into someone else? For some of us, that would be a good thing, however, very scary to be someone you don’t believe you are or can be.

Criticism: This is a tough one to swallow. Not many people can handle constructive criticism that can make them better at what they do. They run from any situation that will call for it even if it can change their path for the better.

There are so many reasons why we may run from success ... But we truly want it right?!

We all dream of achieving our perfect career, having the perfect family, and financial success to build a legacy for our family, but if we do not identify some reasons for holding us back, we may block any good from coming in.

Resolution: What can you do to change your mindset to achieve these things without sabotaging yourself?

Manage the stress and anxiety in your life.

You can do this by journaling, exercising, meditation, deep breathing exercises.

Identify your negative beliefs.

Re-train your mind every day by saying mantras to believe the best in you.

Seek help.

If you have trauma from childhood, or anytime in your life, it might be best to consult with a professional therapist to help relieve the deep inner issues inside.

Deep down we all want success. Here at Legacy, we pride ourselves in creating an education, atmosphere, and culture to achieve exactly that for our students. If you struggle with fear of success, and want to overcome it, or maybe you didn’t know you struggled with it at all. I hope this article shined some light into making you feel better, know you are not alone, and put you on a path to SUCCESS!!

Areas of Review


Big picture takeaway points

  1. Identify your fear.
  2. Write out a plan on what steps to take daily to start on a better path.
  3. Start to speak out of your mouth what you want to see in your life.


Self-reflection questions to think more about the content

  1. Am I surrounded by likeminded people?
  2. Have I taken time for myself to meditate or exercise?
  3. Do I need to change my mindset?

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