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Education - Knowledge - Mindset

Education, Knowledge and Mindset

Education is a general term we hear most of our lives. When we are a child education is what our parents tell us is important for how we build our future. We spend our lives being “educated,” maybe for a degree that yields us a possible high or low return. A degree that doesn’t even promise a job in that industry, meaning we go back to school for more education.

For most of us we learn to work hard so we can get a good job, live in a nice house, maybe start a family, and have a few nice vacations a year. For most of us the importance of education is something we are very familiar with.


One thing we are not taught is how to work smarter

instead of harder and how to work once and have that effort yield us a return that is ongoing. That’s because most of us are not taught the difference between an asset and liability. An asset is something that yields a return, and a liability is something that costs you money.

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The difference between assets and liabilities

is simple and powerful when you understand what you’re spending your money on. Liabilities are things you spend money on that don’t generate a return, they go down in value, and they depreciate rapidly, like a television or cell phone, Assets, like real estate are a great hedge against inflation and go up in value traditionally overtime. They make you money where liabilities cost you money.

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The great thing about investing in your real estate education is it has the potential to show you the path to follow so that you build a net worth of assets that will take care of you and make you money while you’re sleeping. This is what investing does for us and why so many successful people have taken this path, but most of us don’t have the foggiest idea of where to begin, and that is where Legacy comes in.

Have you ever seen a successful person

and thought, I would love to know how and what they did to get where they are? None of us are self-made, we have all had someone in our lives that has spoken to us and given us advice or showed us the way. If you haven’t, I’m sure you understand even more what a blessing it would be to have someone to hold your hand every step of the way. The importance of having a mentor is because they help minimize your risk and show you the right way to invest.

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When choosing a mentor your selection should be based on someone’s track record of success. Someone who has actually done it. Think back to when you were a child, and someone showed you how to tie your shoes or taught you the alphabet. As a real estate investor, it’s a smart way to proceed, it also minimizes your risk and accentuates your successes which is what everyone wants. We also minimize our risk by having more education. The more you learn the more you grow, and the more you grow the more success you will have.

The bottom line is if you want a bright future, it can be achieved through education in the many ways to invest, building your knowledge, and understanding the trends for opportunities as a corner stone of wealth creation. We truly believe as you’re reading this, a question you should be asking is, “Why not me? Why can’t I have all my dreams come true financially?” It’s not about acquiring real estate or stocks, it’s about the mindset for financial freedom.

Here at Legacy education, we help you start building your legacy with you, and we care about you leaving a legacy behind to your family and friends. We have the education, experience that you need to start your journey and to stay the course.

Join Legacy’s Building Wealth Club today and continue your journey. Let our education and experience lead the way!

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