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Building a Legacy

Building a Legacy

If you were told you could have all the money in the world and do whatever you please with it, what would you do? What is your burning desire? What is your why?

We offer seminars across the country, and often we talk about our why. Our driving force behind what we do and what it means to us to do it. There is a saying, “if your why doesn’t make you cry, it’s not big enough.” And that phrase holds true when it comes to financial

See, we all have pipe dreams, dreams we talk about but never act on. The sad part is that more pipe dreams stay in the pipe than actually flourish, because many people are not tying their goal to a mission or purpose, but instead to a thing. The best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to achieving a goal is to put a date on it, and a reason you must achieve it.

Elite Legacy Education provides a lot of tools and resources at their 3-day training sessions, that allow people to get serious about their vision and to take action towards it. We put our goals into writing, we set deadlines, and we stop taking the focus off ourselves by placing it on someone or something else. People talk a lot about financial freedom, but what does freedom mean if you do not have a purpose behind achieving it?

When you are educated through Legacy, you will be encouraged to start envisioning your future. We always incorporate the generational wealth aspect of financial success and what it means to leave a legacy behind when thinking about our futures.

Whether it be investing in yourself for your children to have a better future, to be able to help others and give back, or to travel more and spend more time doing the things you enjoy. They all play into developing your why. We at Legacy genuinely believe that the strength of one’s purpose has a direct correlation to how successful one becomes. We encourage you to think more about your purpose before jumping into business. It may make all the difference.

Areas of Review


Big picture takeaway points

  1. Everyone has a burning desire or a why.
  2. Most people want to build a better life. The sad part is not many know how to start so some never do.
  3. The wonderful thing about Legacy Education is we give you the tools to start putting your dream into action because we offer the resources to do it.


Self-reflection questions to think more about the content

  1. What is my vision or dream that holds my feet to the fire when life gets in the way?
  2. Do I have the knowledge to go out there and make my dreams a reality?
  3. Am I willing to take action?

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