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5 Tools for Starting Your Real Estate Business

5 Tools for Starting Your Real Estate Business

1. Property Software (to find deals)

New investors often struggle with identifying deals. With the way the world is right now, it’s crucial that we have a means to find opportunities that aren’t mainstream. Anything we see on websites like or even the MLS is likely a retail property and is being dissected by every other consumer and novice investor out there. What we want are off-market properties, word of mouth type deals, and motivated sellers. With RESS, you can easily locate properties across the country that may meet those criteria.

2. CRM (to manage contacts)

RESS can also act as a contact resource management system that allows you to keep all your potential lenders, buyers, and sellers in one place. RESS makes the business simplified through allowing everything to be done with the click of a button. Legacy can teach you what you need to know to find a deal and execute a transaction, and the software is the system that allows you to streamline your business, and for less than $100 per month.

3. Marketing Tool (to create content & create marketing campaigns)

RESS can be used as a marketing tool, but a lot of our students will use it simultaneously with another tool called REI Blackbook. REI Blackbook is a marketing genie! It can handle everything from email campaigns, to call tracking, to digital workspace, website development, and content creation. It’s a one stop shop for all marketing and communication with students and other investors around the world. It has a social platform that allows people to connect to one another. The benefit of it is you’re connecting with like-minded individuals who are in the real estate business. Some may be lenders, some wholesalers, some flippers, and for less than $100 per month, you’d have access to all of that and more.

4. Database of Investors (for finding lenders)

A lot of your investors and lenders will come from your hustle. A big piece to gaining traction from investors is to market yourself. Both RESS and REI Blackbook can help you accomplish this. Another way to meet and network with other investors is through our Forums. For more information on our Forum dates and locations, you can check our website.

5. Power Team (key people to help you get where you need to go)

Power Team members are a crucial piece to getting out of what is famously known as the “rat race.” A lot of people want to invest in real estate because they want to be financially free. To do that, you’ve got to have qualified people in place who can do the task at hand, as good as or better than you. We encourage you to meet other people who have skills that you do not have so that you can free up your time to be more effective and efficient. Power Team members are usually added over time. As you meet people along your journey through different events, deals, and opportunities, you’ll find what people mesh with you and what people do not. Take note of these individuals and those who you gel best with and make them a part of your team!

Areas of Review

Big picture takeaway points

Big picture takeaway points

  1. There are many ways to find deals. Software programs can help you to fast track specific areas and what kind of properties you are looking for.
  2. A software program can also help you keep all your information in one spot and help you market yourself and your business.


Self-reflection questions to think more about the content

  1. How can I start today to build my power team?
  2. Have I researched any software tools?
  3. What marketing tools can I start to use to promote my business?

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