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Online Training

Economy is changing… Now is the time to discover multiple ways to create wealth with Real Estate Investing.

Here’s what you’ll receive to get started- 5 Hours of a LIVE & Interactive real estate training with 3 important real estate investing manuals. Plus, you’ll be able to schedule a 30-minute consultation to help you put a plan into action!

Legacy Real Estate 101 Guide

Introduces the investor mindset and how to understand real estate as a business. Learn about wholesale, rehabbing strategies, and more! A bonus section includes a glossary of terms to learn as you continue your real estate education.

Legacy’s Investor Handbook

This handbook helps you build the foundation of your real estate investing knowledge. Increasing your knowledge of investing can help you achieve your goals. It's one of the most important steps you can take towards creating financial independence. This handbook covers fundamentals of financial literacy such as the types of wealth and building your business. You'll also gain specialized knowledge of finding sellers, negotiation, renovations and much more!

Legacy’s Setting the Strategy

This takes the fundamentals from Legacy's Investor Handbook and puts them into action. Building knowledge goes hand in hand with hard work, persistence and motivation. This workbook details opportunities with forced appreciation, lease options, and foreclosure strategies. It includes a collection of sample scripts, forms, letters, and sample contracts for reference as you get started.

30 Minute One-on-One Consultation

A Legacy Education team member will help you create your personal action plan to get started with real estate investing. No matter your situation, experience, or financial outlook you can learn how to get started or sharpen your current skills.


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